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Swimming Inspections are now law in Queensland because of the number of small children drowning in Queensland.
If you intend selling or renting your home with swimming pools or you are the manager for Hotel, Motel and other commercial pools you need to engage qualified inspectors to certify your pools and issue you with safety certificates.

By November 2015 all Queensland Swimming Pools must comply with the new inspection laws and see that their barrier fencing comply with the legislation.

Glen has been a pool inspector since the laws were enacted  in November of 2010 and he knows the best way to repair your swimming pools fences to meet the legal requirements.

While it is important to ensure that all fences meet the new legislation we also think It’s important to offer a cost effective solution for any fencing repairs you may need done to your fencing.

All Safety Certificates will be sent within 24 hours of meeting compliance with the pool inspection legislation.


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Pool Inspections

The Inspection process.


An inspector can be hired to give advice or to consult with a swimming pools owner about the swimming pools compliance with regard to the safety standards in general, as opposed to being hired to inspect for a safety certificate or non-conformance notices.


If the pool inspector is hired to advise or consult only.

  •  the inspector is not required to give the owner a safety certificate if the barriers do comply.

or a non conformance notice if the barriers do not comply.

  •  the owner is free to hire another pool inspector at a later time.

This is different with a situation where the pool inspectors are hired to inspect barriers for the purpose of issuing safety certificates or a non conformance notices.

In such cases the owners are not permitted to hire a different pool inspector within the three months of a non conformance notice being given written approval from the Safety Council. These restrictions are intended to deter the owners from shopping around for a more lenient pool inspector.

For More information on Fence Inspection Click Here.

Our inspections are Qualified to check your fencing and issue your safety certificates. We have the know how to offer advice on the best way to make your barriers comply with the Legislation.

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