New Pool Fencing Laws

New Pool Fencing Laws.


Queensland’s new fencing Laws are due to come into effect in November 2015 for all Swimming Pools in the state.

This means that all pools in Queensland, Residential and Commercial must comply with the new laws or you risk FINES.

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Fencing and Fence Repairs

While the legislation states that all pools must comply with the new pool fencing codes, this does not mean that all swimming pools have to be certified by a qualified fence inspector. Having a licenced inspector or pool fence contractor check and repair your pools fencing will however ensure that your swimming pool fencing is up to standard and compliant with the legislation.

The legislation is very complex and difficult to understand if you are not working with it on a daily basis. This makes it hard for the average home owner to be sure that their fencing is safe for small children.

Gary Mick and Scott from Griffin Pool Fencing have been building new pool fencing and doing pool fence repairs since the new laws came into effect. We have a lot of experience dealing with the new laws and finding the best ways to comply with the pool fence legislation.

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Fencing Repairs and New Fences.

Fences must be at least 1.2m high. Over time garden beds around your pool fencing can build up with soil pine bark and other materials making your fence less than the minimum height. Pool Fence Gates and Hinges can ware and become non compliant. All Pool Fence Gates must be self closing and self latching from any position. Even if your fence gates are only held open only a few millimetres it must close and latch on its own.

Trees close to your pool fences that have grown over time are also a major problem as they can create clime points for small children to gain access over your pool fence. They can grow limbs that overhang your fencing that allow children to access the swimming area.

Them there are the pot plants, chairs, children’s toys  and other objects sitting close to your fence, both inside your fencing and outside which will allow children to access the water.

Griffin Pool Fencing and Pool Fence Repairs know all the problems you might face to ensure your pool fencing is compliant with the pool fencing legislation.

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