Pool Fence Repairs

Pool Fencing Repairs Brisbane.

Griffin Pool Fencing are Experts in Pool Fencing Repairs.

Fence Repair Brisbane and Caboolture.

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Mick can look after all of you pools fencing repairs as well as repairs to timber boundary fences. We can

Fence Repairs. Gate hinge and latch replacement.

Mick and Gary can repair all fencing types including your pools fencing and timber boundary fencing.

fix almost any type of fence at a fraction of the cost of taking the old one down and putting up a new one.  Once your old barriers have been repaired and painted it will look like a new one. Swimming Pool Fence Repairs Brisbane, has a solution for all your Pools Fencing Repair problems. We started building fence in 1980 and know the best way to repair or replace broken posts and rails as well as how to straighten a badly leaning fence.

All Swimming pools fence repairs and Timber Boundary Fences.

  •  Gates that do not close properly.
  • Gate Hinges that need replacing or adjusting Hinge Caps.
  • Gate Latches that need replacing or adjustment.
  • Replace Gate Hinges and Latches for $250. 
  • Panels That need lifting, lowering or replacing.
  • Fencing Posts that need to be extended or replacing.
  • Shielding Repairs to Step Downs and other areas.
  • Shielding for Taps and Electrical Fittings.
  • Raise or Lower Garden Beds.
  • 60 Degree Solutions.
  • Pool Fences Repaired or Replacement.
  • Install new Fences. 
Fencing and Fence Repairs. Gate heing and latches replaced.

Repairs to barrier and boundary fence including timber and steel.

In 2015 all swimming pools in Queensland have to comply with the Barrier Regulations.

Brisbane Northside Redcliffe Caboolture Ferny Grove Mitchelton.

Mick will quote all of your fences, repair jobs, and even smaller jobs like adjusting those pool gate latches or hinges for $250 or he works on an hourly rate of $80 hour for those other smaller jobs.

To give you an idea of prices for replacing one 6 foot timber post will cost you around $300. Two posts replaced for around $420 from there we will charge around $160 per fence Post.

Compare that with the price of new fences and you can see that Repairing Timber Fences and Pool Fences being Repaired rather than being replaced can be very cost effective.

 Brisbane Northside and Southside contractors.

Griffin for Pool Fences Repaired and Timber Fences Repairer.

  • Brisbane Pool Fence Repair.

    Gate hinge and Latch Repair package. New Hinges and Latch for $250.

    Gate hinge and Latch Repair package. New Hinges and Latch for $250.

  •  Pool Fence Repair.
  • Caboolture Pools Barriers Repaired.
  • Redcliffe Fencing Repairs.